All donations are non-refundable. Any players who decide to chargeback will be banned from DiceCraft. If a package is purchased by someone else under your name and that player performs a chargeback, you will be banned, as well as the person who initiated the process.

Please make sure that you have sufficient inventory slots available if a perk requires it. We are not responsible if you don't have sufficient space.

We reserve all rights to remove or modify any rank or perk at any given time without advanced notice.

You are donating to help maintain DiceCraft, and add new features to the server.

Any lost In-game items from donor packs, perks, and ranks will not be refunded or returned unless you can clearly show a staff member that the item was not received due to a system malfunction or error. If the server has a reset or closes, they will not be refunded.

Transferring ranks to other players are not permitted, therefore please do not ask people higher staff to do this for you.